“Ensign, Take Us Out of Orbit.”  “Yeah, yeah, ye, yeah, yeah!”

02)  “Miri”  Original Airdate: (10/27/66)  Remaster Airdate: (09/16/06)


The RM version of “Miri” isn’t any worse than the original episode, but isn’t much better either.  Since most of the show’s action takes place on Miri’s planet, there were very few shots that required any kind of alteration.  The long-range sensor image of the swiftly approaching Earth-like planet is a vast improvement over the original blue globe, which had little definition and no shading or clouds.  Though the new shots of the Enterprise in orbit around the planet are well done, they quickly grow redundant.  The one drawback to the RM episode is the lack of digital cosmetology.  It’s amazing what can be accomplished with CGI and morphing these days, so it’s more than a little surprising that these technologies weren’t utilized to create more convincing skin blotches for the disease afflicting the grups and for the rapid eradication of the disease on McCoy’s face after the desperate doctor self-medicates, respectively.  The latter’s transition still isn’t as smooth as it should be, which is disappointing since the sequence where McCoy’s mottled face returns to normal should’ve been at the top of the “to be revised” shot list for this episode.  The superb shots of the Enterprise slipping out of orbit and heading into open space leave us with the feeling that such a fine effort was too little too late…a sentiment echoed in the ominous musical refrain that closes out the episode.

Money Shot:  The low angle, fore aspect shot of the Enterprise breaking orbit with the Earth-like planet in the background.

Wish List:  Morphing on McCoy’s dappled face to replace the poorly matched stop-motion sequence and better FX on the splotchy disease that inflicts the grups.

Remaster Grade:  B




Original                                                                            Remastered

01Oldold_miri_03                   01Newmirihd172

02Oldold_miri_04                  02Newmirihd019

03Oldold_miri_05                   03Newmirihd022

04Oldold_miri_06                   04Newmirihd153

05Oldold_miri_08                   05Newmirihd190



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